The Human Body 's Immune System

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(a) Any Significant difficulties : Many people are urgently needed a transplanting of an organ, therefore it is necessary to find a matching organ for the recipient; the organ will not cause any rejection. The body can reject the transplanted organ; as a result the body’s immune system will not accept the organ which has been transplanted; therefore it can have an effect on the organ that has been transplanted which is possible. The immunosuppressant drug is needed if the organ does reject the human body; the immunosuppressant drugs acts as an anti-rejection drug which is needed to protect the body from the organ that has been transplanted to reduce the chances of rejection and to preserve the heart functions. As a result, the immunosuppressant blocks the body’s immune system to lessen the reaction with organ that has been transplanted but there are some effects using immunosuppressant drugs, it increases the risk of cancer and infection. The recipient who received the transplanted whole heart needs to stay in hospital for 3-4 weeks, and then the patient should move into an intensive care unit where the patient is observed closely, with the intention of any risk and infection of organ rejection and it is expected that the patient should take immunosuppressive drugs, anti-fungal medication, antibiotic medication in addition to blood transplantation; this will fight off any injection and the prevention of excessive bleeding. The risks of a heart transplant includes cancer,
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