The Human Brain : Is It Interesting?

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I’ve never learned much about Psychology yet I always found it interesting. The human brain is very interesting to me, the fact that genetics can affect if you happen to be mentally insane or even a serial killer to me is astonishing. Another idea which grabs my interest is Weber’s Law. This idea has changed the way I do things in my life using my senses, including ignoring my parents loud talking or annoying habits. I’ve also been interested in learning styles. I know the different types, but I don’t know why each person learns differently. The fact that your motivation and emotion connect to your genes and behavior is honestly absurd. Also, just the environment you grew up in could affect every other decision in your life makes sense but is still a little unsettling. I have also learned and been told that each person 's personality is different my there are good and bad traits within each type. Lastly, social psychology is all how your mind changes with how you interact and who you interact with. So without further ado, let’s get started.
First, Biological bases of behavior. In biology last year I briefly studied genetics, through that course I learned traits from your parents get passed to you. We only touched the outer appearance and DNA strand, not the brain or behaviors, however, I assume the strands for the brain would work and react the same way as physicals traits do. As an example, I look a lot like my mother, however, I also like a lot of activities she does as…
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