The Human Brain : Is It Interesting?

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I’ve never learned much about Psychology yet I always found it interesting. The human brain is very interesting to me, the fact that genetics can affect if you happen to be mentally insane or even a serial killer to me is astonishing. Another idea which grabs my interest is Weber’s Law. This idea has changed the way I do things in my life using my senses, including ignoring my parents loud talking or annoying habits. I’ve also been interested in learning styles. I know the different types, but I don’t know why each person learns differently. The fact that your motivation and emotion connect to your genes and behavior is honestly absurd. Also, just the environment you grew up in could affect every other decision in your life makes sense…show more content…
Such as swimming and teach or working with children or adults with special needs. Also, singing run in our family from my mother’s and father’s side, not just the enjoyment and pleasure but also the talent.
Next, Sensation and perception. My favorite idea in sensation and perception is Weber’s Law or also known as the Weber–Fechner law. Weber’s Law states “that the change needed to notice a difference between two stimuli is proportional to the original intensity of the stimulus. The more intense the stimulus, the more it will need to change before we notice the difference.” For example, “If you are lifting ten pounds, you only need a little more weight added on to notice the difference (1 pound to be exact). But if you were lifting 100 pounds, you will need more weight to notice the difference (10 pounds).” I like this idea because it shows the human mind is easily fooled just like if you were to show a group of people some optical illusions, only some would see both pictures within; the brain just doesn’t perceive the different images mixed into one.
Another topic in psychology I find appealing is learning, specifically learning styles. I know the 3 main different styles of learning, Kinesthetic, Visual and Auditory. Kinesthetic is more of a hands-on learning style, Visual is the need to see demos or pictures to learn the information, and auditory is mainly listening to someone tell you how to do something or just learning my listening to lecture. My question is
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