The Human Brain Is Made Up Of Soft Tissue

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The human brain is made up of soft tissue, cushioned by spinal fluid and encased in the protective shell of the skull. Keeping the brain structure in mind, a concussion is commonly caused by a sudden direct blow or a bump to the head. This causes the brain to jolt inside the skull, further leading to the state of confusion most people wake to. Some may even lose consciousness, or even sustain permanent brain or nerve damage. Since concussions are internal, the behavior of the person must be challenged and questioned in order to determine whether or not they sustained a concussion.
When I was around ten years of age, I was riding my bike down a curved hill at an alarming speed. Halfway down the hill, I spotted a car heading up in my direction. Knowing that the car would see me when it was too late for it to stop, I thought to myself, even if it did stop – I would not be able to avoid it since it was set directly in my path. Please keep in mind that I only had a few seconds to determine my next move, however, it did seem like it was an eternity. I was about to use my brakes, but I suddenly stopped myself from doing so. Realizing that my bike only provided me with front wheel brakes, and using the brakes on a downhill was by far the worst idea at the time.
Running out of time, I made my way towards the grass. But, I did not think of the pavement line and how it played a part in my little equation. Upon reaching the pavement, my bike launched forward sending me off on the hot
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