The Human Clone Commercial Enterprise

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The Human Clone Commercial Enterprise™ Graduation: the official ending of high school. For some, graduation could not come fast enough. For others, it is the deadline for deciding what to do with his or her lives. Memories of graduation can vary since they can be held at different times of the day. For me, it was early in the morning. Great. I remember I woke up early and got dressed up and waited for my family to be ready. But since it’s my family, it doesn’t matter how fast we go. We are always late. What can I say? Running late seems to be a genetic trait in Hispanic families. Trust me. So we rush over there. I throw on my graduation robe and run ahead of my family because they also have a knack for being incredibly slow when I happen…show more content…
At least that was the case for me. Afterwards you take pictures with all your friends, and it’s true what other people say about never seeing most of them again. It’s pretty cool, feeling how you finally graduated but then the hype goes down and you realize how screwed you are. At least that’s how I felt. Everyone is expected to have an exact idea of what they are going to do with their life by the end of high school, but in what way does high school actually prepare someone for this decision? It’s all fun and games when people are kids. It is easy. Who doesn’t prefer elementary math to calculus? Who doesn’t miss nap time or that amazing Oreo cereal that was tragically discontinued? When we’re kids we have a whole life of memories to make and experience. We start to learn what we like and what we dislike. We start to get the idea of who we are and we imagine all the directions our lives can go. Some kids want to be astronauts or rock stars. Others want to heal people or stop world hunger. As for me, when I was a kid, I wanted to work at McDonalds so I could get free happy meals. Don’t judge. But when you’re older, it’s different. You actually have to think things through and god forbid, think about the consequences of your actions. When time goes by and we grow older we go out into the real world and learn how it works. These days, living is
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