The Human Condition Of Humans

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Negative or Positive Humans are a strange species in general because of the way they handle the conflict also the way life is presented and dealt with. Many things make humans out to be a certain way but the literature that many writers have used to describe humans is even stranger. Humans have a way of dealing with many traumas and issues that arise throughout their lives while also dealing with the excitement and happiness that comes along as humans wander through life. Though literature; from the time it started to the present, focuses on the human condition in so many ways because in every story the characters have a conflict that will be handle and that will show their outlook on life and what matters to them most. Human nature, society, and the way people live in a literary work can portray the human condition to the reader. Many writers use their feelings in the time period or their thoughts about people of the time to describe the human condition which is read about and carried through the years. The human condition really never changes and the cycle spins around and will always spin around until there are no humans left. There is a positive and negative, a good and bad, each person is made out to be one way or the other. Many writers use their works to make a point and give a purpose just like the characters in their stories. The human condition was portrayed by authors such as Moliere, Voltaire, Rossetti, Tagore, Kafka, and Lu Xun. Moliere’s Tartuffe gives many

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