The Human Desire to Tie a Supernatural Element into Their Life

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The creation of the universe is a topic that people have a vast number of opinions on. From what I can gather from the article, Stephen Hawking, believes that the creation of the universe has nothing to do with a supernatural being or anything to do with divination. He believes that human beings create that fantasy to fulfill their own beliefs on the creation of our universe. Not only does Hawking believe God does not play a role in the creation of the universe but Mr. Ferris agrees with Hawking in saying physics is the only item that has anything to do with the creation of the universe as well (Garner). They view religion and mathematics as two separate categories and view religion to lack progressive development the way physics or math…show more content…
If humans are able to come this far with knowledge, then there must be other life forms in other universes. I believe some people think that a God is not necessary to understand the beginning of the universe, because they have a hard time believing in something they cannot truly prove or see. Whereas science is an excellent way to prove something or to gain great theories that could be proven in the future. There are various myths and stories of how our world came to be. Some believe a God has the biggest role in the creation of our universe. Or just the complete opposite, just as Hawking believes that the creation of the universe it is purely mathematical and of scientific origin. In the textbook Gods are referred to as “individualized supernatural beings, each with a distinctive name, personality, and sphere of influence that encompasses the life of an entire community or a major segment of the community” (189, Stein), meaning the value and meaning of a God is given to it by its followers and by the myths and traditions involving the God. In most religions, a supernatural being is the fundamental person/persons and role model of how to live by following that particular religion. In the case of Catholicism, which is the religion I follow, Jesus Christ and his apostles are representatives and represent the ways to live by and/or how life should be lived. An example would be how people of the Catholic, Jewish or Christian faith follow the
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