The Human Dimension Of The Army

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The Human Dimension is a concept that the Army has been looking into over the past years as the dynamics have changed. Soldiers and DOD Civilians make up today’s fighting force. As such, it is important to look at the whole person. The purpose of the whole person concept is to notice how our cognitive, physical, social and spiritual attributes not only effect the Army, but how it will shape the future of our fighting forces.
The way each individual learns is imperative to understand as not everyone learns using the same methods or at the same rate as their counterpart. It is readily believed that the most common way of retaining information is by repetition. However, just as there are different ways to approach basic math,
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Even though the Army has a common goal, the way Soldiers and DOD Civilians interact with each other does affect the way the Army will progress in the future. People who have a richly diverse and positive social network are more resistant to the adverse effects of stress and more likely to show a resilient response or even show post-adversity growth (M. Kaspersen, 2003). Also, as we develop the future leaders it is important that they understand how stress effects everyone differently and how to approach each situation. However that is something that leaders obtain through training and experience. This is especially important as there appears to be a trend in the Military as a whole of a high suicide rate. The Army's suicide rate for active-duty soldiers averaged nearly 11-per-100-000 from Sept. 11, 2001, until shortly after the Iraq invasion in 2004. It more than doubled over the next five years, and, with the exception of a spike in 2012, has remained largely constant at 24-to-25-per-100,000, roughly 20% to 25% higher than a civilian population of the same age and gender makeup as the military (Zoroya, 2016). It is critical that the Army works on the effects of stress on Soldiers and DOD Civilians to reduce the ever growing numbers of…show more content…
As it has been observed that it is a human need, not just a desire, that we have spiritual base. Even as civilizations have been discovered one thing that was consistent was that they had a type of religion or spiritual faith. Although not every Soldier or DOD Civilian embrace a religious faction, everyone has a belief in the intangible or unexplainable. In a study students who had strong religious correlations also had higher positive feelings, lower levels of depression, and were better equipped at handling stress (Borchard, n.d.). Knowing how spirituality effects Soldiers and DOD Civilians will be important to the Army as they progress into the future; for it too is an ever changing solution to approaching stress in an Operational
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