The Human Environment And Our Economy Is A Very Difficult Job For The Leaders Of Nations Around The World

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Governmental Actions
Trying to balance the importance of our environment and our economy is a very difficult job for the leaders of nations around the world. In the U.S., the government has placed regulations in the past on automakers for gas efficiency as well as factories for their emission quality. These regulations have helped on a smaller scale, but more still needed to be done. In 1992, the UN Climate Treaty was signed in Rio de Janeiro stating that as a goal, greenhouse gases in the atmosphere would be kept at "non-dangerous levels". These goals were left unclear, prompting the U.S. government not to endorse a policy of mandating activities that would lead to reduced emissions of CO2 (Singer, 1996). In December 1997, a new agreement
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In Louisiana alone, it is estimated they will lose over 64,000 jobs because of weakened world markets due to the mandates of the treaty. The state is also expecting electricity bills to increase by 70 percent and the cost of gasoline to rise by 50 cents due to tax increases (Livingston, 1998). A study by WEFA (Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates) estimates that the cost to the U.S. per year due to the agreement could reach 300 billion a year--more than is annually spent on elementary and secondary education. This translates into $2,700 of lost income for a family of four by the year 2010 (Novak, 1998). As a result of all of this, Cato Institute claims that there will be a reduction of planetary mean temperature by only 0.19 degree Celsius over the next 50 years (Kyoto Treaty, 1998). If these statistics are accurate, there is reason to believe that the Kyoto agreement will not be enough and that more will need to be done in order to stop this problem. The Kyoto Protocol is one method that governments are using in an attempt to control the potentially damaging effects of CO2. In Ottawa, Canada, the government feels as though they have a different method that will produce revenue while also reducing greenhouse gases. This alternative to taxes would take place by auctioning permits to emit CO2. These permits would be tradable between companies similar
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