The Human Face Action Recognition System

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Abstract— In this paper we implement the Human Face Action Recognition System in Wireless Sensor Network. Detecting movements of human is one of the key applications of wireless sensor networks. Existing technique is detecting movements of a target using face tracking in wireless sensor network work efficiently but here we implementing face action recognition system by using image processing and algorithms with sensors nodes. Using sensor node we can collect the information, data about human facial expressions and movements of human body and comparing old data captured by sensors to the new capturing data, if data is match then we can say that detecting human is same as early. Here we create new framework for face tracking and its movements capturing, achieve tracking ability with high accuracy using Wireless Sensor
Networks. We use the Edge Detection Algorithms, Optimal Selection Algorithm, Image Processing Technique, Action Recognition, the big data analysis. Using java language, various types of sensors.

Keywords— Mobile Network, Ad-hoc Network, Routing Protocol, Sensor Networks, Surveillance system, Pattern Recognition.

I. Introduction Face Recognition is a technology to extract facial features by computer and a technique for authentication according to the characteristics of these features. Face Recognition
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