The Human Genetic Makeup Essay

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This Bayesian Network diagram illustrate if a patient is affected by diabetes and the steps he or she can take to figure out how to go about treatment, cost and how to control the diabetes. Over the years, genetic dissimilarity has been evidently compromised as a significant element in drug disposition and properties. One of the most positive assurance of accomplishment of the human genetic makeup is personalized medicine, one aspect of which is pharmacogenomics, or personalized drug therapy to a person’s genetic makeup. The variety or assortment of a drug prescription or dosage of medical treatment in the absenteeism of measured drug levels or quantity is characterized by the assessment and approximation of the patient’s metabolism, and how much time it takes to absorb the drug and also adjust to the patient’s characteristics for example weight, gender and age. Utilizing the Bayesian network strategy incorporates both sets of data and random variables for determining the patient’s pharmacokinetic parameter is the best approach to figure out the pros and cons of patient treatment or medication and how practitioners can go about treating the patient effectively with little to no side effects. The Bayesian network model can also be useful to current pharmacogenomics data to better understand and predict different drug selection and dosages that is appropriate for each patient’s body mass index. For example, Bayesian networks can be used to predict whether a patient is
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