The Human Genome Project

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The Human Genome Project (HGP) began in 1990 with funding from the Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health with the goal of decoding the human genome. Researchers from across the world are working in conjunction to understand the sequence of amino acid base pairs and how they interact with one another to elicit specific genetic reactions. Once the decoding of the genome takes place, scientists will be able to develop individual treatment plans and understand a number of diseases. Research has found that there are over 3 billion amino acid base pairs which make-up 20,000 genes. Of these 20,000 genes, the human genetic code is defined by forty-six tightly packed bunches called chromosomes. Due to the vast array of amino acid base pairs, the project has taken over ten years to complete the sequencing of the specific parts, but the task of understanding how the parts interact one another and the influence they have on diseases has yet to be accomplished. The genetic material in chromosomes defines human attributes and is developed from proteins. Proteins are a series of amino acids, which are strung together, and the unique combination of nucleic acids (A, T, C, and G) in the protein give specific directions to the cell to produce certain combinations of amino acids. This process creates proteins varying in form and function based upon the series of amino acids. The differing proteins cause numerous actions in the body to be carried out, and are

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