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“Genetic engineering is, at best, a debatable branch of science. For some, it is the wave of the future: a method for perfecting the human genome, discarding flaws from infants before they are born and ensuring they live longer, healthier lives. For others, it is an abomination: a method of circumventing what nature gave you, and wholly unnatural. Which one is right?” (Bird). Naturally, genetics is the scientific study of inherited variations in the DNA strand. This topic sparked curiosity among numerous scientific individuals that they begun a research project on it titled the Human Genome Project. To illustrate, the Human Genome Project worked out the sequence of the three billion chemical ‘letters’ of the human genome, and it produced …show more content…
Human genetics should be a considerable option in the future to benefit our world.
For example, gene therapy can be used to cure genetic diseases like leukemia. For instance, a young man from Douglas, Arizona, a town boarding Mexico, underwent chemotherapy, but if he had gone through gene therapy instead of the harmful chemotherapy radiation that could have been performed many toils would have been prevented for the young man and his family. Gene therapy is an experimental way of using inheritable factors to treat or prevent diseases it is also an experimental technique that is used to substitute a gene that works right for a non-working gene. In fact, in human genetics, gene therapy is the use of genetic material as medicine involving the transfer of working or therapeutic copy of a gene into specific cells of an individual to repair a copy of a faulty gene. In the future, this technique may be used to allow doctors to treat any disorder instead of using drugs or surgery by inserting a gene into a patient’s cells. Several researchers are testing numerous approaches to gene therapy, including “taking out” or deactivating a mutated gene that has improper functioning, and introducing a new genetic factor into the body that will help fight a disease. In fact, several areas of criteria must be met for the procedure to work.
After all, many believers claim it is unethical to use this technology, genetic engineering, because these genius

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