The Human Growth Associated With Each Lifecycle Group

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Part-A Clearly describe the purpose of your assignment by identifying the groups and the development focus of each. The purpose of assignment is to understand the human growth associated with each lifecycle group. There are eight age groups with each has its own stage of development and related tasks. This assignment covers stage 4, “Identity vs Inferiority” middle childhood (6-12 years), ”Identity versus Identity-Confusion” stage 5, (13-20 years) covering early childhood, and Intimacy vs. Isolation stage 6, (20-40 years), early adulthood. Identity growth and development is not identical for each group and each child and is depending on so many other things, how a child is raised by parents and supported by caregivers, exposed to the outside world and the environment. 1. Part-B Discuss how identity of self is developed in middle childhood and continued in adolescence and early adulthood including concrete examples of how growth occurs. Identity vs Inferiority stage of development is the stage of development during the age 6-12 years. During this stage the child develop the competence to know about himself and he is capable to compare himself to his parents, peers, caregivers, siblings, and other people to whom he is expose in community. He says thing like this, “This is my ball.” “I am faster than peter.” Child tries hard to win the approval of his social circle and if provided proper support by the parents, caregivers and peers he thinks proud of himself and becomes a
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