The Human Immunodeficiency Virus ( Hiv )

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The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) spread quickly across the continent of Africa unfortunately taking many lives and creating a burden on the countries affected. In 2011 South Africa was declared the highest population living with the virus (reference). With a growing number of individuals affected by the virus the South African government found an increased need for health care services. However, many nurses and health care providers became ill or had died from the virus, thus creating a need for the government to develop a home-based care policy (reference).
This shift to home-based care took pressure off of the hospitals and put it into the hands of the families and community members of the ill individuals (reference). The volunteers were now expected to take on the care of the sick, going above and beyond their call of duty based on the needs of the individuals (reference). Previous studies on home-based services in the African context proved that this type of caregiving was stressful (reference).
Section One: Research Topic
Many studies have been done on the topic of HIV and the stress it puts on caregivers. Akintola, Hlengwa and Dageid sought to quantify stress among volunteers in home-based care as well as to identify specific stressors that lead to burnout (reference).
When generating a research topic the researcher is aiming to identify the general problem area and the population to be studied, but does not necessarily specify how the data will be…
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