The Human Immunodeficiency Virus ( Hiv )

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The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) spread quickly across the continent of Africa unfortunately taking many lives and creating a burden on the countries affected. In 2011 South Africa was declared the highest population living with the virus (reference). With a growing number of individuals affected by the virus the South African government found an increased need for health care services. However, many nurses and health care providers became ill or had died from the virus, thus creating a need for the government to develop a home-based care policy (reference).
This shift to home-based care took pressure off of the hospitals and put it into the hands of the families and community members of the ill individuals (reference). The
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293). Akintola, Hlengwa, and Dageid intended to gather data from individuals providing home-based care to HIV/AIDS patients. The data gathered from the research could then be used to influence home-based care policies and programing. The collected data has the potential to improve patient care and decrease stress on caregivers (reference).
Section Two: Qualitative or Quantitative
At the time of the study most available research on volunteer home-based care in relation to stress had been conducted from a qualitative perspective (reference). Although the qualitative approach provided insight into the experience of stress, the researchers felt that these studies were incomplete as the studies were unable to quantify the stress by identifying the specific stressors that came from working in home-based care (reference).
Quantitative researchers believe that practically everything in life can be measured. It can measure ideas objectively to gain knowledge, rather than rely on tradition or authority (text book 107). Striving towards objectivity in quantitative research allows data to be collected without the influence of bias, increasing the validity in the results (text book 108). Akintola, Hlengwa, and Dageid chose the quantitative approach as there was a need for scientific data on the subject of stress and burnout among caregivers with the AIDS population.
Section Three: Manner in Which Participants were Selected
In order to conduct their research,
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