The Human Martian, By Robert A. Heinlein

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The Human-Martian, Valentine Michael Smith, is a God-like figure who attempts to show the the truth about religion to the world and create a utopian society in the novel Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein. Heinlein served in the Navy and was a socialist politician before beginning his writing career. His second wife had a large influence on his political views and was the one who convinced him to run for the state assembly. After his loss, he became an author. Stranger in a Strange Land is Heinlein’s most popular book, however, his views on socialism and liberalism were not clear in his writings. Later written books and interviews gave his audience a better look on how he sees the two political views in his eyes. One of Michael’s phrases throughout the book, which had an impact on his world, is “Thou art God.” With these three words, he has been able to describe himself, and other creative/destructive beings that live upon the Earth as God. Not only have these words made an impression on individual characters, but also their communities. Jubal Harshaw is one of the few characters that Heinlein voices his thoughts through. With his advice and guidance, Mike convinced the world that he could make a paradise; a utopia.
Politics and space foreign affairs were some of the major ideas in Stranger in a Strange Land. Mike is made the overall power of Mars and made decisions specifically designed to keep it that way. The character, Secretary General Douglas, is
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