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The Human Memory Many people don't know it but the memory of a human is more complex than thought to be. The memory can be divided into three stores which are Sensory, Short term and Long term. There are also two processes which are Attention and Rehearsal. I will be looking at these sections closely to help explain the human memory. I will also be looking at past experiments which will help me support my theory. The Sensory stores are made up of three parts- Visual sensory memory, Acoustic sensory memory, touch, smell and motor information. If the information is not attended to then it can decay. The sensory information is the environmental input which is kept for two seconds in the sensory…show more content…
This can only be lost in the long term memory. These three stores are like in a cycle because if the sensory store was not there then the information from the environment input would not be transferred into the short term memory. If the short term memory was not there then the digit or the word which doesn't get rehearsed does not get put into the long term memory so we will not be able to remember the past or important dates like birthdays or anniversary. There are few studies which help support my theory and help prove the psychological theory of the human memory. I will be looking at the differences of the short term and the long term in the encoding, capacity and duration. The capacity of the short term memory was tested by the man named Jacob's in 1887. His aim was to investigate how much information can be held in the short term memory. So to test this he devised a technique called the serial digit span. To test this, a laboratory experiment using the digit span was conducted. The participants were asked to remember numbers of series and this was repeated over a number of trials to establish the participants 'digit span'. The findings were that the average of the short term is the between 5-9 items. Digits were recalled better (9.3 items) than letters (7.3 items). Individual differences were found with age. By looking at this I can say that the findings

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