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Memory, Thinking, and Intelligence Memory is the process in our brain that the results of learning are stored for future recall. There are three types of memory, sensory memory, short term memory, and long term memory. The human memory processing system is comprised of an input or encoding stage, a storage process, and a retrieval process, the human memory also tends to forget quite a bit of information. Psychologists have many general principles to help us improve our memory and learning how the memory works will enable us to develop new ways to increase memory recall. One of the most significant models of memory was the Shiffrin model, also known as the Modal Model, which was the work of Richard Atkinson and Richard Shiffrin in 1968 …show more content…
Long term memory is comprised of several systems the two main categories being declarative memory and non- declarative/ procedural memory each processes a different type of information. Declarative memory stores facts and events which can be formed after a single trial of a specific event. An example would be the memory of a special day like a wedding, it is an event that you participated in and you will keep that memory forever. Non – declarative memory stores memories of skills and procedures which are gained during a run of trials. An example of this would be riding your bike you learned it through a series of trials and most people can’t even remember learning it but it is something you will never forget (Banikowski, A.K., n.d.) One factor that can enhance retention in the sensory memory are to pay attention, think about what you are seeing or hearing on a conscious level, the longer you keep it in your conscious the better chance it will have of moving to your short term memory. Too much information is what can impede retention in the sensory memory because the human brain can only pay attention to so much at one time and the time information is in the sensory memory is so short (Davis & Palladino, 2010). Short term memory can be enhanced by conscious awareness and rehearsal. There are two types of rehearsal, maintenance rehearsal which is repeating the new information over and

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