The Human Mind For Millennia Essay

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Introduction Personality is a topic that has interested the human mind for millennia. As early as the fourth century BC, Aristotle was writing about the differences within individuals based on “determinants of moral and immoral behavior (Matthews & Deary),” which he identified as cowardice, vanity, and modesty. Aristotle’s student, Theophrastus, continued this thought process through a book detailing thirty personality traits, thus bringing forth the idea that an individual’s personality could be broken down into smaller, more manageable parts that could then be studied individually in order to better understand what makes humans unique. The term ‘personality traits’ can be defined as a category of characteristics that can be used to describe the personality of an individual. These traits are expected to remain stable over time, but may differ across individuals and situations, but must be measurable in some way, as well as classifiable. (Matthews & Deary) Personality as a term can be defined as having organization, processes and individualized patterns. It can also be defined as a psychological concept that is tied to the physical body and as a causal force in a person’s interactions with the world around them. Personality is a part of a person’s feelings, behaviors, and thoughts. (TEXTBOOK) To best understand the particular trait that is the focus of this paper, one must understand the origins of a model of personality traits called ‘The Big 5 Personality Model.’ This

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