The Human Mind Is A Death Trap

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One’s worst enemy is the demons within oneself. Anything or nothing a person is capable of controlling the human mind. Humans are capable of everything that they desire; if they just set their minds into something. They can think what they want to believe and be what they want to be. The choices they make whether good or bad define who they are. That is why the human mind is a death trap. It is capable of controlling oneself to the point that it can destroy one’s own being. A person can fight his/her own demons although, if they let negative thoughts hold them back the result can be self-destruction. A person heading to self-destruction means something bad or toxic is consuming their life. Whether they are letting the people around them, society, power, money or love, influence and harm the choices they make. In Othello’s case the self-destruction that harmed him was letting the people around him manipulate his decisions. He also let love that became jealousy consumed him. Othello made bad decisions that affected and destroyed not only the people who matters in his life but most importantly this led to his own self-destruction. Othello let his demons get through him and thinks about false accusations about his wife. In act 3 scene 3, Othello furiously recited to Iago, “Damn her, lewd minx! O, damn her! damn her! Come, go with me apart. I will withdraw to furnish me wish some swift means of death for the fair devil. Now art thou my lieutenant.” The beginning where Othello’s
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