The Human Mind Is Split Into 2 Different Parts, The Subconscious

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The human mind is split into 2 different parts, the subconscious and the conscious mind. The conscious mind works while we are awake and conscious. “The subconscious, on the other hand, is always working, it regulates everything in our body, our character, our speech, and receives and processes information, and controls involuntary actions like breathing.” Imagine the brain split into 2 unequal sections. The tiniest part (which studies lean to show is not more than 10%) is the conscious mind. The part of the brain we use every day. While the greater part (which lean to be about 90% more or less) is subconscious. Visualize how powerful a human’s mind can be if they reveal the full potential of one’s brain. (The Power of Your Subconscious…show more content…
It makes sure you breathe or your heart beats. Now if you control your breathing like holding your breath. It is your conscious mind taking over. Also, your subconscious mind is where your views and recollections are stored and where subliminal messaging ends up affecting. (Conscious vs. the Subconscious mind, 2006)
The knowledge of subliminal messaging and the technology behind it has been around for a long time. It has been used to breakdown unwanted conducts or to improve in wanted areas. “This technology is successful because offers the capability to interfere the “guard” of the subconscious mind, namely the analysis and processing of the logical, conscious mind.” (Subliminal Information Theory Revisited: Casting Light on a Controversy, 2007)
Interest in subliminal communication first developed shortly after Sigmund Freud presented his revolutionary idea that we all have a hidden, unconscious mind. One of Freud 's contemporaries, Dr. O. Poetzle, developed and tested theories related to the outcome of subliminal stimulation on dreams. “In 1917, Poetzle was the first scientist to show the close relationship between subliminal stimuli and posthypnotic suggestion. His discovery was called the Poetzle Effect, it shows that subliminal perceptions won’t induce dreams and actions until days or even weeks after the original perception.” (Subliminal Communication and Hypnosis 1996)
In the last 50 years, many hundreds
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