The Human Mind Profiles All It Sees

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The human mind profiles all it sees. When we sit down and apply our visions to words, we can describe an experience beyond what the mind initially conceives. Ballenger depicts this concept as a vessel for ideas to foster deeper meaning answering the question, what does this profile offer to humanity? Tracey Minkin and Chris Turner-Neal provide an in depth analysis of two starkly different atmospheres, one being a calming getaway while the other acting as a type of educational experience the public has never received. Although these profiles encompass two diverse meanings, they are both supported by interviews, descriptive observations, and historical research. In the first profile, Tracey Minkin depicts how a modest location can have limitless qualities. Upon Tracey Minkin journey to find a suitable beach getaway, she discovered the meaning behind the most tranquil places. The simplest things are often the most sophisticated. When searching for a coastal retreat, we are instantly reminded of the so called mecca of ocean fronts like Miami, California, and so on. Minkin highlights that a tightly knitted community often has benefits that can’t be experienced at the large cities. One advantage reminds the traveler that not all ocean shores have to be populated by a multitude of businesses. Ocean Springs is able to represent the pinnacle of simple relaxation and peaceful serenity with the absence of “commercial development [along] the shoreline”. This location communicates with
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