The Human Nature Of Violence Essay

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Every day, when we browse through newspapers, social media outlets, and television channels, we are bombarded with stories and images of gory foreign civil war, violent extremists, and threats of terrorism. Yet, despite the current state of our world, studies from Steven Pinker, in The Better Nature of Our Angels, have shown that violence has been on the decline since the end of the last world war. This is due to the four trends, the Long Peace, The New Peace, The Right’s Revolutions, and our Inner Demons, that have led to an overall decrease in warfare, genocide, and terrorism. Along with cited studies and my own research, I will be examining and discussing the human nature of violence, and by contrast, our natural tendencies towards sympathy, empathy and how the decline of violence will affect the human race in the decades to follow. The first shift is the long Peace which emerged after the end of World War II during the 20th century, as the world was a hemoclysm sphere, and lives were taken away in a blink of an eye. During this period, society seemed to have returned to the foreign past, when the rise of violent deaths led to a time of chaos. Many of the bloodiest wars before the 20th century arose from the fall of empires, slave trade, and religion. But Pinker states that there are not cycles in war, every war began randomly. If we take look at the 1800’s to the 1950’s wars and the murder rate were more damaging than anything else. In the “Korean War 37,000 soldiers
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