The Human Of A Global Village Is What The World Feels Like Nowadays

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1.0 Introduction
The human race is completely reliant on technological innovations. A global village is what the world feels like nowadays. The Internet has revolutionized the aspect of globalization. With the Internet, the world seems to be one small village. The numbers of people signing up daily for the purposes of Internet are increasing day-by-day. The IT experts have noted this increase and hence, the Internet service is metamorphosing at a rate that nobody had anticipated earlier. The Internet has numerous features, which are evolving concurrently. However, for the purpose of this research paper, the focus is directed on the Internet Naming System. Numerous individuals and associations have realized the importance of the Internet in their daily operations. To respond to this effect, people are signing up for emails, websites and other features, which Internet offers to them for interface and communication with the rest of the world. All these activities need to be uniquely identified and hence, the work is currently overwhelming. The naming of the current database and other features has been a challenge. For a while now, the Domain Naming System has been used as a naming standard.
We seek to explore the element of Internet Naming System. How has it been done before? What does it entail? We also seek to explore the future of the naming system on the Internet and what the primary factors are considered in Internet Naming Systems, where the focus will

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