The Human Pain And Vulnerability

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The human pain and vulnerability that lie behind the cases in the ER were not real to me until they were right in front of me. They were not real until I saw a doctor trying her best to explain the necessary medical procedures as the patient in front of her screamed, cursed, and seemingly wrestled with the invisible. They were not real until a woman cried in front of me while she explained the unfortunate betrayal that brought her to the ER. They were not real until I saw a doctor bow his head on his desk only to immediately muster the energy to move on to the next case. Although medicine had always been a career path I intended to follow, my time in the ER made my desire to become a physician concrete. Through my experience I realized the strong intersection of social and medical issues in a doctor’s everyday work. The realization of the social impact that a doctor can have is what has truly motivated me to stay on this path. As a volunteer advocate in the ER for patients of sexual assault and domestic violence, I was fortunate to be trusted by patients and be able to be present during different medical procedures. My job was simple: be there for the patient, listen, advocate when necessary, and help them navigate the different procedures of the ER. One of the things that always struck me about the medical professionals that I worked with was their ability to communicate medical and scientific concepts in a way that was accessible to patients. As a Hispanic woman with a

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