The Human Papilloma Virus ( Hpv ) Essay

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One of the most difficult situation APN’s face is delivering a diagnosis which is life threatening. Being diagnosed with cancer can be a devastating experience for both the family and the patient, especially when there are preventable measure that could’ve been done. Cervical cancer in women is largely a preventable disease which impacts women’s health and mortality. One of the leading causes for cervical cancer is the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), an infection with a working vaccine already in use.
Using the HPV vaccine as a primary preventive measure to reduce cervical cancer is promising, but the vaccine continues to be underused. One population where there is a significant delay in HPV vaccination use is Adolescents. Many parents tend to believe that their children are not sexually active so they do not recognize the need of vaccination. It is the responsibility of every APN to educate both the parent and the adolescent regarding the importance of administering the vaccine even before the exposure to the infection, similar to other childhood vaccinations. (Daley,Alison)
Though there is evidence that supports that the HPV vaccine is a preventable measure against cervical cancer, there is a poor uptake in the vaccine due to lack of public awareness of the benefits from the HPV vaccine. Every opportunity should be made to incorporate anticipatory guidance to parents and patients in order to help them make informed decisions to receive the HPV vaccine. As an
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