The Human Papillomavirus And Its Effects On The United States

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The human papillomavirus remains one of the highest common sexually transmitted infections in the United States. The human papillomavirus dates back to the nineteen hundreds. Scientists during the nineteen hundreds did not comprehend on why people who had sexually transmitted infections also had cancer. It was not until the nineteen-eighties, that a scientist discovered that the human papilloma virus caused cancer (Preventing Cervical Cancer). Moreover the human papillomavirus causes genital warts in both men and women. In the year two thousand and six, a scientist generated two vaccines that protect the human body from contracting the virus. The Food and Drug Administration approved Gardasil and Cervarix since they are clinically tested…show more content…
Henceforth only four thousand women die annually of cervical cancer. At the present time, the HPV vaccine has the possibility to eradicate cervical cancer. Furthermore, he HPV vaccine will not only save lives annually, but it will also reduce sexually transmitted infections. The HPV vaccine should be required on the grounds that it will reduce sexually transmitted infections in the United States. The human papillomavirus is spread and contracted through sexual intercourse. Around twenty million people have the human papillomavirus in the United States (Creel). An abundance of people do not realize that they have been infected by the human papillomavirus since it has no symptoms, thus making the virus dangerous. If a person has the human papilloma virus and does not acquire treatment, it can lead to cancer or genital warts. Women might learn if they have contracted the human papilloma virus if they have a Pap smear test done. Unfortunately, men are not able to know if they have the virus unless they develop genital warts or cancer. Research shows that the HPV vaccine, "produces a strong immune response when tested" (Creel). If a person decides to receive the vaccine when required and is ever exposed to the virus the chances of contracting the virus are extremely low. As of today, studies show that both HPV vaccines can reduce the risk of contracting cancer and genital warts
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