The Human Papiloma Virus

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Both adults and children can have this problem. Infants and children may present with wheezing, hoarseness, or stridor. In children between two to five years of age, the diagnosis is made by inspection of the larynx. The goals of treatment are debulking, improvement of the voice and remission of the papillomas2. Pediatric patients require multiple treatments, most commonly with the CO2 LASER.

Anaesthesia for laser surgery in children presents some unique challenges to the anaesthesiologist2. Not only are there the problems of a potentially difficult airway to contend with depending on what condition the patient is having treated and any concomitant problems the child may have, but the apparatus being used can cause harm if proper precautions are not taken.

Case Report
5yrs old male child presented to emergency department with complaints of hoarseness of voice for 2 yrs, dyspnea for 1 week and cyanotic spells since last night. The vitals on admission were HR 140/min, BP 122/90mm Hg, O2 saturation 95% on room air with respiratory rate of 38/min. On examination, subcostal recessions were present. Decreased bilateral air entry and wheeze with tracheal tug was found on chest auscultation. CT scan head and neck showed laryngeal stenosis due to presence of papillomas on left vocal cord (Fig. 1). He was rushed…
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