The Human Penchant For Opinionated Judgement

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Garbage in Space The human penchant for opinionated judgement can be seen in political ideologies, religious beliefs or lack thereof, to the simple choice between whether Coke or Pepsi is the better soft drink. It’s quite apparent opinions are everywhere as they transcend age groups, social classes, and geographic locations. Opinions give individuality, but, more than often, opinions give way to hypocrisy where people will say one thing and do another. One example of this seems to be in waste management. It’s easy to say that we will recycle what trash we can or, at the very least, that we won’t litter. Yet, when walking on a beach, or even the sidewalk in front of your home, you will, more than likely, see trash in the gutter, in the…show more content…
To make matters worse, according to scientists, the occurrence of a defunct satellite crashing into an active satellite in 2010, this garbage is only going to cause more trouble and potential danger as time presses on with more collisions likely to occur in the near future (Switzer). In response to this, scientists from Swiss Space Systems have even begun work and created what equates to a “vacuum cleaner” in space, investing millions of dollars into the design and the ultimate creation of CleanSpace One (Coppinger). CleanSpace One is a satellite that, when launched in 2018, will theoretically work to deorbit defunct, no longer functioning, or abandoned satellites and bring them back to earth (Coppinger). CleanSpace One is not the only attempt to clean the debris in our atmosphere. In 2010, in the wake of the crashing satellites, STAR, Inc. created the electrodynamic debris eliminator (EDDE), a solar powered “tissue-dispenser.” Eventually, the nets thrown at the debris would be released and fall into the ocean, hopefully, for retrieval and recycling of metals, resources, etc (Switzer). Yet, even with test flights having taken place in 2014, Jerome Pearson, the president of STAR Inc, stated that, “If we want to be really serious about moving space debris, we’ll need ten or twelve EDDEs to
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