The Human Population Growth

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Life is a precious thing but when does producing life become a problem? Human population growth has been a topic of discussion, among one of the many concern the world faces now. Human population growth in the twentieth century has become a slow growth rate. And even though population growth rate has decreased does not mean we are in the clear. Human population growth issues are influenced: health concerns, accessing education and technology
The more people being born is a huge risked on the ecosystems and exhausting our resources to build homes and create more supermarket to distribute food to everyone. The British medical journal states that “whether the globe can accommodate 6 billion people, each for 60-70 years, without causing damage to ecosystems, is not a question of science but of distributive justice” (Arunachalam 443). The author suggests that people in power can contribute to the solution of population growth or overcrowding then simple scientific solutions. They believe science is not solely responsible for the population growth but it’s the people in power and the people who make the decision to have children’s. better health concerns are the key to understanding human population growth and how we can improve it.
Majority of the world don’t consider this a problem, they believe the government should tell others how to live their lives. And even tell them what they can or cannot do. The British medical journal says “We live in a world of barriers? religious,
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