The Human Predilection for Instant Gratification

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Introduction As singer and entertainer Bobby Sherman once remarked, "As far as show business, it's the gratification of doing something that pleases the fans ("Brainy Quote")." Our authors in the course also present representations of modern culture where long-term effects are eschewed in favor of immediate results and the deciding factors, more often than not, are economic. As they frequently point out, shortsighted economic policies result in unforeseen long-term consequences. In this essay, the author will show that this is a possibly natural response for instant gratification that technology only heightens. As we shall see, we have to be doing something constantly, as long as it comes fast and furious. Analysis Much of this has to do with the speed with which we expect things to be delivered. Whether it is technology or a horse as Gilbert illustrates with Clever Hans, we want everything from "the horse's mouth" instantly (Gilbert 133-134). We want to have everything and we want it right now. We have to have everything in an instant from instant messages, coffee, email, food, fax, internet, etc. Instant is the way that we like to live our lives. The faster the better. We have to have our educations online for convenience, instant job notices, day trading for wealth. Our medical service has to come complete with a quick diagnosis and an instant cure. Families are made in a test tube, travel is done quickly. Everything has to be instant, including information and

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