The Human Race : A Source Of Energy

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The human race has relied on finite resources as a source of energy since their beginning as a race on the Earth. While humans have used resources such as food in order to provide their bodies with the essential energy they need in order to survive, these sources are relatively much less finite than that of other human resources. This is because human beings are able to grow and produce their own food as they please. Sources of energy such as water on the other hand, which are relatively less finite resource, must be carefully regulated with respect to human use as they may be over expendable and may run out eventually. Water may be produced on Earth naturally, but one such resource which does not get produced in such a way is oil. Arguably, oil is being expended more than water is in the hands of the human race; this is causing the end of conventional oil to grow closer and closer to the present day. According to the statistics recorded on the website, there are approximately 13,513 days (roughly 37 years) until the end of conventional oil. With this inescapable reality approaching very quickly for the human race, engineers must begin to harness more reusable and cleaner sources of energy to substitute for this dying resource. Without reasonable replacements for such a popular resource the future of mankind will surely suffer and many people will perish. Not only do more replacements have to be created to supplement the loss of this resource, but the
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