The Human Race Essay

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War and conflict have been a part of the human race since the beginning of recorded history. Even in the absence of physical war, there is always a competitive nature between opposing people and cultures to defeat the OTHERS and/or be a LEADER to other LESSER people. This is greatly contrasted by fact that we are also a very caring, nurturing and intelligent species. Over our history we have used our abilities to learn, discover and invent towards creating some amazing civilizations and continue to progress towards a world with very few natural predators, while eliminating most natural causes of death and treating diseases (i.e., polio, plagues, and certain cancers) to enjoy a quality of life that is greater than anything our original ancestors could have ever imagined. And yet we still have hostilities and violent conflicts, genocide and hate crimes, holy wars and threats of global war happening every day. What is the underlying cause of such passionate dislike, mistrust and an obsessive need to dominate and control other people? This paper will look at Ethnocentrism, its elements, its motivation and its influence, if any, as a catalyst for violence.
Total world peace is an elusive unicorn in many ways for the human race. Even in the absence of physical war, there is always a competitive motivation between opposing people and cultures. There is a natural human drive to be a LEADER to other LESSER people and where that is not possible, to defeat them into submission…

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