The Human Relationship Between God And God

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God and humans have had a relationship since God created them. This relationship started with humans thinking of God as their father and creator, and a God who forgives. We think of God this way because as humans we can be hospitable and kind, but we can also not follow God’s plan and make mistakes. These mistakes reveal the forgiveness in God, and our hospitality and kindness show that God is our Father and loves us. Humans direct relationship with God allows him to work through us and show humans how he wants us to act and behave to achieve salvation. As a child I perceived God as a father figure, God the Father. When I was in Catholic schools for elementary school we learned all about how God created us. Not only in that way does God act as a father, but also in that he loves us no matter what. For example, when Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge God punishes them, but he takes care of them after. This act of care after Adam and Eve have done something wrong shows how God is a father and will still care for his children even of they do something wrong. God acts as my father would protecting and caring for me through everything. Even after I learned more about God I still thought about him as a father, but then I thought of him more deeply as he forgives us which is a big task. We learn that God forgives all our sins so we can live a life for God, and meet him in salvation. For example in Cain and Abel, Cain sinned because he killed his brother Abel. Although Cain sins God does not abandon him, God punishes him for his wrong deed but still protects him. The protection that God gives Cain is God’s way of forgiving him. God forgave Cain and still cares for him as his child. God did not kill Cain for killing Abel, or abandon him he forgives him and moves on. Now after studying Genesis in high school I learn that God is much for than a father and he forgives us, I learn that he is always listening to us and that he is all-knowing. I know that God is always listening to our prayers because when Hagar and Ishmael were dying in the desert with no food or water God came to them. God heard them and gave them a well to drink out of for water. God is all-knowing because in Adam and Eve, God knew

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