The Human Resource Administrative Procedures

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1. Analyze the human resource administrative procedures in your school district and make recommendations to improve present practices. Brimley and Garfield (2012) proclaim, the expanded role of human resources is the administration of personnel: the skill of leading and managing people. They also assert, human resource administrators typically focus on the following areas: recruitment, salaries, benefits, certification, and retirement. As a result, the human resource team are people experts (Brimley and Garfield, 2012). “Notwithstanding the importance of personnel duties, the role is broadened to include improving the ambiance of the profession,” claim Brimley and Garfield (2012, para. 1, p. 367). Brimley and Garfield also claim, a human resources department will help contribute to a quality education program by contributing to the following three basic elements: quality of human resources within the system; productive human relationships are created; and the development and utilization of existing human qualities (Brimley & Garfield, 2012).
Currently, the MSBSD struggles in recruiting and maintaining teachers in the areas of music, science, and special education. Hence, the MSBSD has aggressively been forced to recruit and attend teacher job fairs in the Lower 48. Last year alone, principals, district office administrators, and human resource personnel attended job fairs in the following states: Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and New Mexico.…
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