The Human Resource Department : An Integral Part Of Strategic Excellence

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The Human Resource Department will be renovating our current structure to emphasize strategic partnership with our internal clients and maximize human capital’s highest potential guided by legal compliance and IT Company’s mission and values. Our transformation will include streamlined processes parodying the organization’s structure to provide our clients with world-class and highly specialized service. Human Resources have been an integral part of IT Company growth as it partners with leaders and human capital to meet the company’s objectives and goals. Human resources success begins with attracting the right talents, retaining top talents through employee development and total rewards (benefits and compensation), and measurement of progress for continuous improvement. A comparison of current and future state will serve as a compass in revolutionizing the human resource department through distinct organizational model. The human resources transformation will consist of three units, shared services, human resource operations and center of strategic excellence. Each unit is will increase partnership with internal customers, leverage of knowledge and proactive approach to doing business with management. The structure is expected to be versatile with economic change, and cost savings is a long-term expectation.
The alteration in the structure is to provide the internal clients with more robust and streamlined process enabling the department to complement the IT
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