The Human Resource Department For Evergreen Bank Group

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1. The Human Resource Department for Evergreen Bank Group has a relatively normal human resource department setup. The bank located in Oak Brook Illinois is fairly small, they have a staff of 30 people including 18 additional employees who work in the offices of Freedomroad Financial (their DBA) which process their motorcycle loans. Jenny Voss who works out of the Illinois office is responsible for hiring, firing, and dealing with employee benefits. 2. Jenny provides all the training for the employees in the bank via Skype or telephone to the Freedomroad Financial offices. She informs all employees of their health and retirement benefits and is at their disposal if they have any questions. Included she also has the big responsibility of…show more content…
1. What is the structure of your department? “The human resource department is located at the main branch in Oak Brook Illinois. My duties are to hire, train, and fire employees at the bank. Additionally I am in charge of the employee benefits. We are a small bank so we do not have a benefits manager yet. I am available to the employees all week to answer any questions they may have about benefits or company regulations via phone, email or face to face”. 2. Who do you report to in the organization? “I report to the bank CEO who is Darren Campbell, he has his office here at the branch.” 3. What services do you and your department provide for the organization? “My department provides numerous services to the employees. We provide all of the hiring for tellers and office support for the bank. We control and regulate all company policies to guarantee we are following all of the laws and regulations of the state of Chicago”. 4. Is your Human Resources function centralized or decentralized in decision-making? “The human resource function for Evergreen Bank Group is very decentralized in decision-making. At the bank level, the human resource manager is able to hire all employees after they pass the hiring process. The CEO of the bank gives all the decision-making control to the branches human resource manager. 5. What is the greatest challenge you face currently

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