The Human Resource Department Working

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The Human Resource Department working as an administrative human resource department has the role of being able to provide and assist employees with issues regarding direct services to the employees. Some of the areas include payroll, scheduling and taking vacation time off, sick days, and any employee questions concerning benefits and the laws regarding employment. One of the main challenges regarding to HR office is the laws pertaining to employment, these laws are constantly changing and be very hard to understand. Being able to understand and make sure that the employee are being treated fairly is the responsibility of the HR department, they must continually review and understand the changes in the laws and have they affect not only…show more content…
It has been found that not having a sufficient human resource department can have an adverse effect on the whole organization (Nura & Osman, 2013). Using programs such as the pre-employment personality test prior to hiring future employees is supposed to help reduce employee turnover and find better qualified employees based upon the position they are hiring for. This strategic approach to testing and hiring was designed to retain employees and reduce cost associated with replacement. According to Dias the cost of replacing a low paid employee can be very costly ranging close to $8,000 after training is complete (Dias, 2012). In a smaller company it would be more cost effective for the HR department to be primarily an administrative HR department. Larger companies need to increase the HR roles to a more strategic role which is goaled towards meeting the company’s needs. The role of the strategic human resource management team is to meet the needs of the employees as they are needed. This type of planning allows for the HR department to meets the needs of the employees and to focus on making sure the needs of the company are being met also. This type of thinking can allow for improvement in the way employers hire and train current and future
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