The Human Resource Departments Of The United States

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Between the disparities, the economic areas of supply and demand of occupations globally, international organizations will soon need to compose their staff with a workforce that is highly diverse, and will need to manage thoroughly in order for then to work together. The human resource departments of these organizations will need to implement new recruitment strategies that can effectively match talent with the correct task even if it’s located on the other side of the world.
Industries are becoming globalized due to various factors including shortage of talent in developed countries. Family size has shrunk in size from previous generations, back in the 1930’s the family size was four kids versus 2013 being two kids. Baby boomers are
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The variables affecting the compliance of employees that are non-native English speakers to the implementation of globalization to their firms are the employees own self proficiency of the English language and the practices of the firm’s human resource departments. This can become the reason why some of the firm’s current employees attempt to avoid taking up assignments that could require the higher proficiency in a foreign language. The consequence of this could disrupt the career trajectory of the employee. Proficiency in a foreign language could also cause a power struggle between the employees on an individual level. The employees that have higher levels of proficiency in a foreign language could start to look down on their peers and treat them unequally. This could lead to the non-proficient foreign language speaking employees to become frustrated and stressed about their work. The negative attitudes of those employees will eventually disrupt the healthy work environment dissolving key attributes to work such as cohesion, and collaboration. That is why it is important for organizations who are thinking about becoming a globalized industry to promote the development of their employee’s foreign language proficiency through human resource development practices. Two industry examples on how globalization is effecting industries and their employees would be the
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