The Human Resource Development Process

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1) Content 1
2) Introduction to human resource development process 2
3) The human resource development process 3
4) The importance of Human resource development and its Process 5
5) Advantages of HRD to the organization 6
6) Advantages of HRD to the employees 7
7) Problems that affect the human resource development 8
8) Improving organizations 9
9) Conclusion 9
10) Bibliography 10

1) Introduction of human resource development process
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2) Phillips and Holton emphasized that the process of development and deployment of employee expertise are important components of HRD function. They stated that as organization conditions compel the reshaping of approach, workforce competence and flexibility at all levels of the organization, become vital to business success, in the midst of strategy formulation, planners and decision makers, HRD understanding and expertise are in a critical position to examine and determine business opportunities and performance requirements. The HRD process then is the HRD function of training, enhancing employees' skills, deploying competent workforce towards the company's competitive advantage, and positioning of company strategy towards competitive advantage through appraising performance and aligning company strategy towards this objective. It is also included in this process the critical examination of the business opportunities and determining key performance of new business objectives. In other words, the HRD process are also the company strategy towards its competitive advantage and this involve the training or career development, to organize skills enhancement and development training, the organizational development, to conduct research new business opportunities and orientation on performance requirements, and performance appraisers, for the evaluation of employee performance. This performance

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