The Human Resource Development and the Sheriff's Department

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Student Network Resources Inc. ©2003-2011 HR and the Sheriff's Department Currently, the role of the human resources (HR) department within any given sheriff's office is limited to the purely administrative functions of processing a new hire's paperwork, managing benefits for each employee, conducting administrative trainings on sheriff's office policies when necessary, hearing complaints about internal affairs from other employees and investigating those complaints, and answering employee questions about administrative matters. The HR department in a sheriff's office plays a more limited role than in other traditional companies, because the sheriff's office is a government entity, not a private or public company, and because the duties of most of the employees at a sheriff's office, with the exception of clerical or office workers, have very little to do with administrative matters. The sheriff and the deputies are very far removed from the working world of the HR department personnel of their offices. The measurement of the performance of the HR department is limited to how organized it is and how well it knows the information it is supposed to know and is able to communicate that information to others as necessary. The HR department may hear complaints and concerns from employees of the sheriff's office, such as sexual harassment complaints or discrimination complaints, and may conduct trainings within the department based on the findings of the investigations of

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