The Human Resource Function Of International Organizations

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Introduction Globalization has increased significantly due to a number of different reasons. With more businesses operating on foreign soil, the issue of cultural differences and its effect on recruiting the right resources to achieve a multinational corporation’s overall strategy is a key consideration for companies. The role of the Human Resource function in international organizations regarding their human capital strategy in these global environments is a critical element for multinational corporations to evaluate and leverage. This research study will focus on understanding if outsource human resource providers can recruit the right employees with the cultural fit and skill set needed in multiple markets at a lower cost for all areas of a multinational corporation’s operation and at any level of the organization’s maturity. Additional research needs to be performed in order to draw a conclusion on this issue. Literature Review Global Awareness With the increase of activity in the global market, organizations need to have an appreciation of how to operate effectively in this environment. “To be globally aware is to have (1) tolerance of cultural differences and knowledge of cultures, history, world market potential, and global economic, social and political trends” (Cateora, Gilly, & Graham, 2013, p. 18). The human resource function needs to be particularly sensitive to this when it comes to recruiting talent in various markets. Without understanding the cultural
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