The Human Resource Function Of Management

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LEADING AND MANAGING REMOTELY Introduction Management of human resources is a very dynamic concept whose excision requires a delicate touch. Human resource refers to the mass of staff within an organization. It is from the synergistic effect of these members that the organization is able to formulate a vision, develop strategies and implement them towards the realization of this vision. A consistent approach towards the management of this resource is therefore a very critical asset for an organization. Generally, the human resource function of management revolves around the areas of employee recruitment and selection, appraisal, motivation and development within the firm. In practice, however the productivity of the employees is primarily centered on the type of leadership and employee motivation. Failure to appropriately deal with these two areas leads to constant strife and divisions within the firm creating high loss time and under-performance (Noe et al., 2010). This impairs the overall productivity of the firm and thus diminishing profitability margins for the firm. Leadership therefore is a central part of management. It therefore helps in structuring the organization-certainly in regard to organizational hierarchy- which in turn enforces a culture within the organization which the public can use to identify and distinguish the firm from others within the market. A positive image projected to the public builds acceptance amongst the community where the business
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