The Human Resource ( Hr )

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The human resource (HR) in an organization deals with the day to day operations of the human resources department. The HR department deals with business law, compensation, employee relations, benefits, medical and the like. HR focuses on whom the organization hires, whom the organization fires and remediation to employees who need discipline and retooling to continue their employment. The functions of the HR department in my organization include: recruiting and retaining talent, performance management and compensation, employee benefits, recruitment and staffing and employee rights and safety. In spite of the turbulent environment facing the healthcare industry today, my organization has however proven its effectiveness in performance measures however, improvement is needed in the areas of defining and aligning organizational purpose, creating organizational alignment and accurately measuring the right things. In rating this department, there are questions regarding the organization’s strategic process that will be examine below. Recommendations will include creating an organizational culture where trust, open communication, and fairness are emphasized and demonstrated. Providing employees with opportunities for career advancement, offering a higher total rewards package than other organizations that compete for the same talent. By recruiting and retaining talent and providing professional and development training, the HR instill

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