The Human Resource Information System

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using Workday is that it is set up more for larger companies than smaller companies. Smaller companies may not be able to use all of the things that Workday offer. Also for the functionality and to work properly you must by online with strong connections. Some have said that this system does not have all of the ERP product that other human resource information system may have. The second that was research was Kronos. This is an electric system that does different tasks when it comes to human resources, and payroll. This system was founded in 1977. Kronos is a monitoring system that keeps a full track of employees’ time and attendance. It helps companies control labor cost, minimize compliance risk and manage talent with ease. When it comes to the human resource side it save time and energy when it comes to the administrative side and help eliminate errors. This system alert you when you have an error, whether it’s a miss punch, late in or early out. Even if you had a schedule adjustment that needed to take place manager has that ability to correct it before payroll goes in. Also this system keeps a track of your sick, vacation and personal time for you. So you know first-hand what you have instead of contacting someone for this information. Kronos saves companies a lot of money when it comes down to attendance because it eliminate having employees clock in and out manual and having to count up their time by a sheet. It save you time in so many ways from having to do
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