The Human Resource Information System

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The Human Resource Information System (HRIS) teams work with the performance of tasks such as bookkeeping, employee performance and trainings, ordering, payroll, maintaining former, current, and potential employees information, and upholding policies and guidelines. Human resource managers use information systems to help in their daily duties of handling the above mentioned duties. Human Resource managers develop and analyze the many functions and determine the type of Human Resource Information System that is necessary to automate the Human Resource department to become more efficient. The importance of determining the type of HRIS application is to define which application to use to make Castle’s Family Restaurants run more smoothly…show more content…
Also called Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS). ("What is Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)? definition and meaning," 2015)
HRIS Payroll System Type:
Payroll is a critical financial responsibility for your business that requires accurately paying employees and complying with local, state and federal government regulations. Payroll processing errors result in employee frustration and monetary fines, but using a payroll system can ease your mind and help you avoid miscalculations and noncompliance. Payroll encompasses more than the cost of paychecks themselves. Creating and delivering pay has transaction costs. For examples, many companies use payroll services, which charge fees per paycheck. However, in many cases, the service fees are less than the cost of having full-time employees dedicated to the complete execution of payroll. Paper checks involve the cost of paper and printing. That 's why many organizations strongly encourage, if not mandate, direct deposit. Additionally, businesses frequently embrace new payroll software, services and equipment to streamline the process, improve accuracy and reduce costs of running payroll. The payroll system calculates your employees’ work hours, along with their attendance information. The system automatically works out the applicable taxes and other deductions, and then generates the necessary pay checks. HRIS software typically has a time and labor system. At a glance, you can get a view
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