The Human Resource Management ( Hrm )

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The Human Resource Management (HRM) plays a vital role in the workplace for employees and employer. Human resource management (HRM) is the managing of human skills and talents to make sure they are used efficiently and in alignment with an organization 's goals. Every company has its strategic plan; it includes the administration 's long- and short-term goals, and it also includes the procedures for deciding how to allocate organizational resources to achieve these objectives. According to our text, “Strategic HRM is the link between strategic planning and HRM. It incorporates HRM strategies and policies to achieve organizational goals while meeting employees ' and stakeholders ' needs” (Youssef, 2012). The primary functions of human…show more content…
Safety/Health/Wellness develops accident prevention strategies; develops legal safety and health policies; implements/promotes the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and wellness programs; develops AIDS and substance abuse policies. EEO/Affirmative Action develops and administers affirmative action programs; helps resolve EEO disputes; monitors organizational practices with regard to EEO compliance; develops policies for ensuring EEO compliance, such as sexual harassment policies. HRM Research conducts research studies, such as cost-benefit analysis, test validation, program evaluation, and feasibility studies. Work and Family Programs develops and administers work and family programs including flextime, alternative work scheduling, dependent-care assistance, telecommuting, and other programs designed to accommodate employee needs; identifies and screen child- or elder-care providers; administers employer 's private dependent-care facility; promotes work and family programs to employees. Translate the manners, mores, and business practices of other nations and cultures for American business people. Other cross-cultural trainers work with relocated employees ' families,
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