The Human Resource Management ( Hrm ) Team

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The Human Resource Management (HRM) team of any company is the most important part of the company. Whether the company is a for profit organization or a charitable, nonprofit organization, the Human Resources Department is the lifeblood of its organization because it deals with the company’s current, former, and prospective personnel. The HRM team in a nonprofit organization, for example can attract top talent. They do this by targeting people that possess a wide range of skills that can be used to perform and mange different tasks within the organization. In addition, the HRM team should seek to recruit volunteers that are passionate and empathetic about the organization’s mission, values and goals, and are concerned about wellbeing of the community. Furthermore, the nonprofit organization has to provide workers, staff and volunteers with a safe working environment. This will allow the HRM team to address areas that are important for the smooth running of the operation. A company should develop a concise hiring strategy for volunteers and training workers related to the process being very costly. It has been noted that many nonprofit organizations are mimicking the management techniques of a for profit organization. (Theuvsen, 2004) International Journal of Voluntary. This research paper will explore different ways that an organization can attract high talent, it will also examine the HRM responsibilities within a nonprofit as well as a for profit organization.
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