The Human Resource Management Strategy

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Googles human resource management strategy maintains a compensation strategy that is very competitive. The compensation strategy focuses on addressing the interests of well performing employees at the company. The company’s career development program is designed in a way that ensures that all its employees are given considerable opportunities for their personal and professional career growth. This competitive compensation strategy and the career development programs which are very holistic enables the company to develop successful human resource management policies.
Employee potential Assessment
The company’s human resource management policy facilitates the assessment of employees through interviews, appraisals and career coaching. Appraisal of the employee performance enables the company to get an objective evaluation of the employee potential in terms of effectiveness. Interviews and career coaching enables the human resource managers at Google to determine the effectiveness and suitability of various employees to jobs within the company. This will enable the HR management to place employees in areas where their performance and potential can be maximized optimally.
The company adopts a pay-for-performance strategy which recognizes that the top performers in the company provide a greater value to the firm in terms of return on investment and thus the employees have better opportunities of thriving outside the company. This therefore made the company to redesign its…
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