The Human Resource Manager Of Coolsworth Limited

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As the Human Resource Manager of Coolsworth Limited, I am proud of our great reputation in the retail industry. However, as the HR manager, I have a number of roles and responsibilities. One of these roles is to ensure that staff and management are aware of the company policy and government legislation regarding the ageing workforce. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) of 1967 defined the "ageing workforce" as working individuals who are 40 years of age or older (Bockman, S. & Barbara, S., 2008). Australia’s population and workforce are ageing due to the combined impact of lower fertility rates, lower infant mortality and a large number of births in the post-World War II period. Thus, resulting in a larger amount of older workers, than ever before this trend is expected to continue for several decades (Chandler Macleod, 2016). Unfortunately, the majority of today’s human resource managers assume that the most desirable and inexpensive employees are younger applicants. However, mature employees are a valuable and often disregarded asset for increased productivity for organisations’ all over Australia (Silberman, 2010). Mature workers can incorporate a wide variety of talent, knowledge and skills. Additionally, the built up knowledge of older workers can be used in the workplace for mentoring programs that can reduce staff turnover, train employees and increase staff morale. Throughout this presentation, I will be analysing; the issues regarding ageing
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