The Human Resource Planning By Gina Hernez Broome And Richard L. Hughes

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I chose a section from the Human Resource Planning, written by Gina Hernez-Broome and Richard L. Hughes (n.d.), Leadership Development: Past, Present, and Future and Administration of Police Agencies, Theories of. As the title indicates, it focuses on leadership from a past, present and future perspectives. To do this, the authors utilized a mixed methods study to identify the problems. The introduction identified the problem and emphasized the need and the proliferation of new leadership development methods. The study looked at past methods and research, which identified the need for change and a subsequent move toward an emotional resonance approach.
Looking at past methods showed a tendency toward using what most would call a classis leadership style, emphasizing structure and management through principles such as unity of command, chain of command and delegation of authority. Although still applicable, and still taught for use in certain situations. As stated in Administration of Police Agencies, Theories of (n.d.), “It is consistent with the Incident Command System (ICS) and National Incident Management System (NIMS) that are federally mandated for response to major homeland security crises, and it provides an appearance, at least, of close control over power and discretion that is comforting to citizens and police administrators alike” (p. 1). We also think of the military, or autocratic, when looking at this method.
As time went on, and people changed, so did…
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